PAR Practitioners Program – Winter edition 2021

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November 22, 2021

Utrecht and Houten
Training Track: €1970 ex VAT. Reduced price for Freelancers (ZZP): €970,- ex VAT Training and Internship Track: €2500,- ex VAT. Reduced price for freelancers (ZZP): €1270,- ex VAT

Freelancers, employees, students…

Prior education

HBO+ thinking level comes in handy but is not a prerequisite.

PAR Practitioners Program – Winter edition 2021

In our work, we often wonder how to get people on board and join ‘our project’. Even when we think we have the perfect solution for something, we get disappointed by the lack of energy within society to make use of it or to join in. The thing is, people most often don’t want to join other people’s projects. They want to join their own projects! Then how do we create a sense of ownership over the project? How can we get full commitment of people to create the movement we (and they) like to achieve?

Participatory Action Research (PAR) is an approach that enables large groups of people to co-create the positive change they wish to achieve. In the PAR Practitioners Program you will learn how you can facilitate this societal movement!

Learning goals

Throughout this PPP you will:

  • Learn the basic principles and ethics of Participatory Action Research;
  • Learn how to set up a PAR-design;
  • Get skilled in multiple PAR methods;
  • Learn about community psychology and factors that drive motivation to act together;
  • Learn how to facilitate the co-creation of innovative solutions among local stakeholders;
  • Learn about power dynamics and how they influence the design and realization of co-created initiatives;
  • Get the right communication and social skills and learn about your role as an action researcher;
  • Learn how to monitor and accelerate co-created initiatives;
  • Inspire many people with what you accomplish!


The PPP consists of a 5-week training and a 12-week internship, starting June 15th 2020. As a participant of our PPP, you can choose whether you want the Training Track (only the 5-week Training) or the Training & Internship Track: the 5-week Training followed by a 12-week internship.

The Training Track will be every Monday evening and Wednesdays. For the Internship Track you decide which days to spend on your PAR.