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Public sector

The public sector is faced with huge new challenges. On the one hand, local governments depend on their citizens for solutions to complex issues more and more. On the other hand, the relation between public organizations and citizens is becoming more and more tense. The SevenSenses approach aims to bridge this gap and bring about co-creation between government and different stakeholders in society. Participatory Action Research for the Public Sector is therefore widely accepted as a tool for societal change. 

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Simulation Game with nature organization, Saba, Participatory Action Research on marine ecosystem health

Nature organizations

For planet earth to survive, nature organisations play a crucial role. Environmental research and lobby for new environmental laws form an important part in protecting our planet. Yet, the hardest part seems to be getting local people on board to contribute to protect the environment. Participatory Action Research helps to find the energy within a community to become active in a way that suits their needs, values and culture.

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Father Involvement Challenge, 2018, South Africa

Development organizations

Worldwide, NGO’s increasingly recognize the importance of participation of target groups in development cooperation as opposed to ineffective top-down approaches. However, how do we realize active participation in a world where people seem to be passively waiting for outside help? Participatory Action Research helps people regain trust in their own influence and power to spark positive change together with their neighbors and other stakeholders. 

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PAR training voor bedrijven - companies


Most companies look for ways to enable their employees to fully employ their talents and creativity. Participatory Action Research has proven to be an excellent approach to enable employees to create a supportive working environment themselves. By co-creating solutions with colleagues and managers they grow a sense of ownership which is supportive to get from plan to action. Furthermore the PAR process helps managers to feel confident in providing more freedom and space for employees to excel. 

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Team Father Involvement Challenge 2018, South Africa

Students, teachers & post-graduates

Do you want to make a difference with all that you’ve learned in your studies? To finalize your study or to gain field experience after graduation? The SevenSenses Academy offers programs to give you an unforgettable experience while at the same time boosting positive change together with local communities! Whether your study is on public health, environmental protection, development cooperation, or whatever else, together we will find something suitable for you!

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PAR Practitioners Programma 2019


SevenSenses aims to boost the application of Participatory Action Research worldwide as we believe that the ‘community-up’ movement resulting from PAR ensures the most effective

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