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Transect Walk, Uganda

Transect Walks Training

The Transect Walks method is an excellent way to get to know the area of your Participatory Action Research and gain first impressions. Or, when you want more, to get detailed perspectives of your participants! In Transect Walks, you conduct your interviews while walking with the participant through the area. This requires quite some skills from the interviewer, though. Therefore, SevenSenses offers specific trainings in this interesting method!

Through the Transect Walks Training you will:

  • Get acquainted with the different forms in which Transect Walks can be used
  • Learn how Transect Walks can be applied throughout the PAR process
  • Learn how you can facilitate Transect Walks in a way that you get most out of the method
  • Learn how to analyse data obtained from Transect Walks
  • Gain insight into how analyzed data can be used to facilitate participants in brainstorming and making decisions


All PAR trainings are facilitated by our SevenSenses Certified PAR trainers. Upon your needs, this training may take two to six hours. It is also suitable when you want to apply Transect Walks in your work or project, without it being a PAR.

During the PAR Practitioners Program you will learn the highlights of Transect Walks and practice the method shortly. During the Transect Walks Training you will learn all about the method and have plenty of time to practice your skills!

Get an idea of what Transect Walks is by viewing our Transect Walks video lecture!

Free virtual brainstorm

Are you curious to hear more about what SevenSenses can do specifically for you with regards to the Transect Walks Training? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a free one-hour brainstorm with us.


PAO boek 2e druk

The Transect Walks method is also explained in our Handbook Participatory Action Research (in Dutch). Order it here!





Transect Walks training, Leendert Guijt

Leendert Guijt, participant Transect Walks Training:

‘Madelon narrates with passion and experience. After the Transect Walk training I had enough knowledge and tools to apply the method. But above all, I was motivated to the bone to get started!’