Workshop PAR Guidance

Universities and other educational institutions increasingly recognize Participatory Action Research as an impactful methodology bridging science and practice. More and more students choose to finalize their studies using PAR in the field and love it for the impact they can make with it in society or within organizations.

But how to teach, guide and supervise students conducting PAR? PAR is fundamentally different from qualitative or quantitative research which makes it almost impossible to assess their work and value it accordingly. SevenSenses offers workshops in the guidance of students conducting PAR, in setting up suitable assess forms and adapting curricula to create space for students to learn all about PAR.

Berber and her team followed a set of workshops on guiding and certifying their students on their PAR projects. We also brainstormed about the adaptations needed in the curriculum. Berber, teacher at Hogeschool Amsterdam emailed us lately about this:

“One of my master’s graduate students has conducted PAO research “against her nature” (as she put it herself). With your book at hand she designed a very valuable project and process. She discovered how she could get her colleagues and the organization moving through her personal involvement and through the children. The work had an impact on her organization, and certainly also on herself. She was rewarded with a 9!”



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