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Photovoice Bolivia

PhotoVoice Training

PhotoVoice is a creative tool to allow your PAR participants express their views through pictures. There are many different ways in which you can make use of PhotoVoice during your PAR, for different purposes. It requires some skills though, to really get the data you need in order to facilitate your PAR participants in drawing their conclusions based on those pictures and to co-create suitable action plans! Therefore, SevenSenses offers specific training in this fantastic method.

You will:

  • Get acquainted with the different forms in which PhotoVoice can be used
  • Learn how PhotoVoice can be applied throughout the PAR process
  • Learn how you can facilitate PhotoVoice in a way that you get most out of the method
  • Learn how to analyse data obtained from PhotoVoice
  • Gain insight into how analyzed data can be used to facilitate participants in brainstorming and making decisions


All PAR trainings are facilitated by our SevenSenses Certified PAR trainers. Upon your needs, this training may take two to six hours. It is also suitable when you want to apply PhotoVoice in your work or project, without it being a PAR.

During the PAR Practitioners Program you will learn the highlights of PhotoVoice and practice the method shortly. During the PhotoVoice Training you will learn all about the method and have plenty of time to practice your skills!

Get an idea of what PhotoVoice is by viewing our PhotoVoice video lecture!

Free virtual brainstorm

Are you curious to hear more about what SevenSenses can do specifically for you with regards to the PhotoVoice Training? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a free one-hour brainstorm with us.


PAO boek 2e druk

The PhotoVoice method is also explained in our Handbook Participatory Action Research (in Dutch). Order it here!





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