SevenSenses Academy

SevenSenses Academy

The SevenSenses Action Research Academy is all about learning. We offer several Participatory Action Research courses for anyone interested in applying Participatory Action Research (PAR) in their field of expertise or company.

PAR Practitioners Program

PAR Practitioners Program

Worldwide, SevenSenses conducts Participatory Action Research on all kinds of subjects, in all kinds of settings and in cooperation with all kinds of partners and clients. What this all has in common is the approach of PAR: empowering people to tackle complex challenges. Together.

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PAR training

SevenSenses offers Participatory Action Research trainings to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from companies to universities and from NGO’s to governmental bodies, and all in between.

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Training PAR including internship

When participants of our PAR-trainings wish to put their skills directly in practice in their field of work, SevenSenses is available to provide guidance throughout the PAR-process. Guidance can take place after finishing the PAR training or already start during the training term.

Madelon en Jelka interviewtraining

Interview training

PAR-projects always consist of semi- or unstructured interviews. Through this ‘loose’ interview structure and improvisation of the interviewer during the interview, respondents get full opportunity to talk about what they feel is important to them.

Focus group training

In Participatory Action Research we facilitate participants in the process towards an appropriate action plan to implement together. We do this in focus groups. But how do you do that? How do you ensure that sufficient ownership is created among participants, so that they work together with enthusiasm on a prioritized solution and can co-create a concrete action plan? You learn that in our focus group training.


In addition to live trainings, we also offer short online sessions about different elements of PAR, such as organizing vibrant focus group sessions and different methods you can apply for effective brainstorm sessions. 

SevenSenses Challenge

The SevenSenses Challenge is a 12-week Participatory Action Research education programme for students, post-graduates and professionals who aim to experience Participatory Action Research in the field while at the same time working on their own personal and professional development.