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SevenSenses aims to boost the application of Participatory Action Research worldwide as we believe that the ‘community-up’ movement resulting from PAR ensures the most effective and sustainable solutions for a lot of problems the world is facing. And we can use all the help we can get. SevenSenses is a network of self-employed professionals. 

You can join us!

We have put in place a unique working environment in which you as self-employed professional can join. Together we create and execute great projects which make a difference. You yourself are in control as a member of a community of highly motivated people who want to bring PAR into the world. 

Freedom in connection

Lots of people work in traditional organizations. Employees are connected but often miss freedom to fully do what they believe in. More and more people leave companies and start to work as freelancers. Freelancers have the freedom, but miss the connection with ‘colleagues’. SevenSenses aims to unite these two worlds, by providing an environment where self-employed professionals can create and execute projects as if they were ‘colleagues’ but without the rigid structures of a traditional company.


SevenSenses provides a platform with several communities where you as professionals can inspire each other, find opportunities for working together and have fun! This platform consists of offline meetings and an online community environment. Everything to support a vibrant community. A community that is required to boost PAR worldwide and make positive impact.

Income division

We believe in ownership and honest division of incoming revenue. Therefore you decide – together with your co-workers – on how revenue gets divided. A small part (currently 10%) is used to cover platform costs. And honest income division also means making 10% of the commercial revenue available for projects in areas that need our support, through the SevenSenses Foundation (ANBI).


Freedom comes with responsibility. Our mission is to boost PAR-application worldwide, so quality is important. Therefore we have a certification process in place for SevenSenses Action Researchers, SevenSenses PAR Trainers and SevenSenses Challenge Coordinators. All professionals working in our projects have the required certifications.

Do you want to become a SevenSenses Certified Action Researcher?

Get more information about our PAR Practitioners Program (PPP).

Hope to see you there!


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