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Looking for ways to enable your employees to fully employ their talents and creativity? Participatory Action Research has proven to be an excellent approach to enable you and your employees to co-create a supportive working environment in which you can all thrive. By co-creating solutions with colleagues and managers, employees grow a sense of ownership which is supportive to get from plan to action. Furthermore, the PAR process helps managers to feel confident in providing more freedom and space for employees to excel. 

Complexity is outgrowing business

Today’s business is becoming more and more challenging. Demands from customers are growing and competition is innovating at a rapid pace. Companies who are not able to adapt in this rapidly changing environment will lose. 

Traditionally, most companies are organized in top-down hierarchies. These rigid structures worked excellent in a static environment, but are not able to adapt at a pace that is required by today’s business challenges.

Self organization

It is vital to fully tap into the talents and creativity of employees. They need a working environment that allows them to define by themselves how they execute their work. Self organization is a hot topic in this respect. But self organization often conflicts with traditional managerial habits. Often managers have difficulties with providing an environment in which this is possible.


Instrument of change

Participatory Action Research comes in as an effective instrument of change. Using PAR allows employees and managers to discover together how they can reorganize the work in a way that better suits demands. Since PAR addresses the interests of all stakeholders – employees and managers alike – co created solutions will provide all involved with a sense of comfort needed to make these solutions becoming a success.

Co-creating with customers

And PAR holds another promise. Customers can be included in the co-creation process. That allows customers to grow into co producers – often referred to as prosumers. Customers become an actor in the value creation process, giving way to completely new and promising business models.

Free virtual brainstorm

Are you curious to hear more about what SevenSenses can do specifically for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a free one-hour virtual brainstorm with us.

“Participatory Action Research is an excellent instrument of change! It grows confidence with both employees and managers that self-organization will lead to desired results. Thereby it greatly contributes to becoming an agile organization.” 

Evert Jan van Hasselt, general director SevenSenses
Evert Jan van Hasselt
Managing partner of SevenSenses

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