SevenSenses Institute

Through our SevenSenses Institute we further develop the scientific foundation and substantiation of PAR. We perform research into the approach, methodology and role of PAR in all kinds of domains.

We aim to share and exchange knowledge about PAR, its use and its challenges and the ways it can contribute to tackling the most complex challenges of today. We do that through organizing workshops, conferences and other events. On our page, you can check what’s upcoming.

Knowing what works and what does not, how to apply the PAR principles in the best suitable way given it’s context and continuously applying our newly learned lessons in our work with PAR makes us proud contributors to tackling complex challenges together. We hope this worldwide exchange of knowledge will encourage and move people globally to co-creating the world we want to live in.

Find our scientific publications and other reports here.


Madelon EelderinkMadelon Eelderink is founder of SevenSenses and is currently performing a PhD research on the use of PAR for the tackling of sustainability problems such as organic farming and sustainable fisheries. She also looks into the institutional barriers for applying PAR to sustainability issues and how to increase the use of PAR in this field.


Wilma van der Vlegel is a participatory action researcher, trainer and advisor. She hold a Phd in transitional care. With her background in integrated care her research focuses mainly on health and wellbeing and tackling health inequalities. She contributes to research projects on citizen leadership in health- and social care and public and patient involvement.