Participatory Action Research

Worldwide, SevenSenses conducts Participatory Action Research on all kinds of subjects, in all kinds of settings and in cooperation with all kinds of partners and clients. What this all has in common is the approach of PAR: empowering people to tackle complex challenges. Together.

PAR Practitioners Program

SevenSenses Academy

The SevenSenses Action Research Academy is all about learning. We offer several Participatory Action Research courses for anyone interested in applying Participatory Action Research (PAR) in their field of expertise or company.

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Conducting PAR worldwide in such different settings has provided us with many inspiring insights and stories we love to share in our keynotes.

Curriculum development

Among educational institutions, we also see there is more and more interest in offering Participatory Action Research in education, as a course integrated in the current curriculum. SevenSenses offers the opportunity to either develop a full course among ourselves or to guide educational professionals in developing a PAR course.