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Students, teachers & post-graduates

Are you a student who wants to make a difference with all that you’ve learned in your studies? To finalize your study or to gain field experience after graduation? SevenSenses Academy offers programs to give you an unforgettable experience while at the same time boosting positive change together with local communities! Whether your study is on public health, environmental protection, development cooperation, or whatever else, together we will find something suitable for you! 

If you are a teacher, aiming to introduce PAR as a course in your curriculum or to give your students the chance to perform PAR under your supervision and guidance, SevenSenses is the right place for you! Below you will find our services, which can be customized to your needs.


SevenSenses Challenge

PAR Practitioners Program


Curriculum Development

Workshops PAR guidance


Berber, teacher at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and her team followed a set of workshops on guiding and assessing their students on their PAR projects. We also brainstormed about the adaptations needed in the curriculum. Berber:

“One of my master’s graduate students has conducted PAO research “against her nature” (as she put it herself). With your book at hand she designed a very valuable project and process. She discovered how she could get her colleagues and the organization moving through her personal involvement and through the children. The work had an impact on her organization, and certainly also on herself. She was rewarded with a 9!”

Berber Langelaan, Hogeschool van Amsterdam