Project details

Start date: June 16th 2014
Status: Finished
Duration: 12 weeks
Country: Uganda
Coordinator: Madelon Eelderink
Number of participants: 2 Participatory Action Researchers
Number of local researchers: 2
Partner organisation: Twekembe

PAR Report

Twekembe Water Challenge

A PAR about tackling a contaminated water and sanitation problem with the community in Wakiso district, Bukijje and Ndikuttamadda zone, Kampala, Uganda.

Project team


In Wakiso district, Bukijje and Ndikuttamadda zone, Kampala, Uganda, about 10.000 slum dwellers make use of one contaminated water well, causing waterborne diseases among many people of which 0-5 year olds are mostly affected. The leader of the local organization Twekembe stated that people want to keep the water well clean, but need a leader to guide them in this; yet nobody wants to be a leader.

PAR Design


Through PAR, five new volunteer leaders were appointed by the community to guide the -with community members and leaders- co-created plan to tackle water contamination in the area. Activities included cleaning the water well, constructing a new funnel and education and awareness raising activities regarding cleanliness and health. See the report of this Challenge for more information.

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