Dieuwke de Mooij

Dieuwke is training actress at SevenSenses. During interview trainings for our customers, she plays the role of the interviewee, giving the trainees the opportunity to practice their interview skills and providing feedback on what their verbal and non-verbal communication reflect on her as an interviewee.
Dieuwke graduated from Creare School of the Arts, in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and has played leading roles in various films and plays. She has also produced three short films, which have recently been screened at several film festivals around the globe. Besides acting on screen, she has also worked as a coach in PsychoMotor Therapy with Intravant.
“One of my passions is to help people feel their emotions and reflect on them, through the arts. As a training actress I get to mirror their behavior and the trainee gets to feel what it’s like to shift and adapt and change roles in a difficult situation. Some things you can only learn through experience. And acting is a wonderful tool to practice that in a safe environment. I’m looking forward to meet you in one of our training sessions!”