Geertjan Aleven

Geertjan is certified Participatory Action Researcher at SEVEN SENSES. He completed the SEVEN SENSES PAR Practitioners Program with success and is currently arranging new PAR opportunities on different subjects together with his SEVEN SENSES colleagues.



“I got acquainted with Participatory Action Research in 2019. I was the temporary coordinator of a PAR project aimed at stimulating the energy transition in some Utrecht and Amsterdam districts. Primary schools and their pupils were also involved. I felt very inspired by this approach and decided to enroll in the training track. I love the open and creative spirit of PAR. On top of that: you can apply PAR to almost every topic! That means that PAR holds possibilities to broaden one’s horizon. And that has been a big motivation for me to subscribe to SEVEN SENSES’ PAR Practitioners Program.

Now PAR is a new product in my Hart & Hoofd (Heart & Head) portfolio, where I also work as a teacher and developer of sustainable projects in high schools, with a focus on litter and circular economy. Next to that, another beautiful part of my Hart & Hoofd journey is being a singer songwriter.


Geertjan Aleven singer songwriter