Wilma van der Vlegel

Wilma is a certified Participatory Action Researcher and PAR trainer at SevenSenses. She successfully completed the SevenSenses PAR Practitioners Program, for which she conducted PAR in Moerwijk, The Hague. Her PAR focused on Health and Wellbeing in the neighborhood. She conducts and guides several PAR practitioners in The Hague, Zoetermeer and Rotterdam, all in the field of health and social-services and gives lively PAR-trainings to our clients.

Wilma has a background in healthcare as a nurse, in healthcare management, and as a policy advisor on integrated care. She is especially interested in integrated care and care for elderly. Besides her work as a Participatory Action Researcher, Wilma holds a PhD at the Uclan University of Central Lancashire. Her professional doctorate study entailed the evaluation of a transitional care program implementation for older adults. As part of the SevenSenses Institute, she contributes to creating and spreading scientific knowledge about Participatory Action Research.

As a SevenSenses Keynote speaker she gives vibrant and inspiring talks about subjects such as integrated care – connecting health and social care, health inequalities, public and patient involvement and other subjects.


“If local residents themselves ask to be trained in Participatory Action Research, for me this reflects PAR as the driver for change and the value of SevenSenses”

Listen to Wilma in the Podcast ‘Kortsluiting’, where she explains how she applies PAR in the domain of healthcare.