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Project details

Start date: June 30th 2014
Status: Finished
Duration: 10 weeks
Country: Uganda
Coordinator: Madelon Eelderink
Number of participants: 2
Number of local researchers: 2

Sustainable Development Goals

PAR Report

Other related readings

Street Angels Challenge

A PAR that aims to tackle perceived neglect of slum dwellers by government and other outsiders.

Project team


Slum dwellers of Kampala claimed that they feel neglected by government and other people outside the slums. Grassroots organization Street Angels Uganda approached us to conduct Participatory Action Research with them on ways to increase connectivity between people inside and outside the slum.

PAR Design


We facilitated the process in which the Street Angels co-created with slum dwellers the ‘Street Angels Slum Festival’, based on local needs and locally proposed solutions. Through several arts-based activities, such as community painting, arts galleries, the ‘garbage collecta’ and music performance, people from in- and outside the slums got connected.
See video


Slum dwellers claim to feel more accepted and have more chances to develop themselves. Stichting DOEN has supported this project with €5.500,- . In 2015 a new Slum Festival was organized and the growing concept comes back yearly since. DOEN kept supporting the community in the years after and each year the Slum Festival grew bigger and bigger, having thousands of visitors each edition.

Project images