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Project details

Start date: February 2019
Status: Finished
Duration: 3 months
Country: Netherlands

Sustainable Development Goals

PAR Report

The Inclusive City

A PAR in Amsterdam on how undocumented migrants can become more part of the Amsterdam society.

Project team


In Amsterdam lives a large group of undocumented migrants: people who do not have a residence permit, rejected asylum seekers or victims of human trafficking, that cannot leave the Netherlands for diverse reasons. Undocumented migrants are excluded from most civil rights and social facilities. This makes the possibility to make autonomous choices, build up a life and have a future perspective extremely difficult. For the last few years, the municipality of Amsterdam facilitated for this group night shelters under the name: Bed, Bad, Brood (BBB). However, in 2018 the newly installed city council of Amsterdam has at aim to create a more inclusive city for all people of Amsterdam. The night shelters are changed into 24-hour shelters, new possibilities for participation in the city are examined, and from July 2019 the municipality wants to give undocumented migrants the possibility for social and juridical support to work on a future perspective. Within this change of policy, the year 2019 is seen as a year of transition. In this light of transition and the idea of the inclusive city, how can undocumented migrants become more part of the Amsterdam society?

PAR Design


Stakeholders have set up and organized dialogue sessions to continue the conversation about challenges and opportunities they valued so much during this PAR and to strengthen their networks.

Project images