Karin Arendsen



Karin Arendsen

Karin is SevenSenses certified Participatory Action Researcher. She successfully completed the SevenSenses PAR Practitioners Program and conducted her first PAR on the improvement of the life situation of undocumented migrants in Amsterdam.

Karin has a background in cultural anthropology and social work. In her work she focuses on migration, human rights and citizenship. She has worked together with people with a refugee background in multiple settings for more than five years. Karin fulfils different rolls in her work: as a project coordinator, (action) researcher or trainer. She is strongly driven by the idea that everyone has the right to participate in society, and that everyone should get the chance to express their talents and follow their interests.

“I believe participatory action research is a strong tool in tackling complex social issues. It’s fantastic to see how much power, creativity and ownership come free when all stakeholders can take part in the process of problem solving.”