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SevenSenses’ aim is to empower people worldwide to tackle complex issues together and co-create the world they want to live in. SevenSenses’ work -conducting Participatory Action Research worldwide- is focused on facilitating local people and involved stakeholders in co-discovering and developing sustainable solutions to tackle complex issues, using local talent, manpower, materials and abundance. As such, entire communities work together on co-designed, cost-efficient solutions and innovations which truly fit their context and needs!

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What is PAR?

Participatory Action Research is an approach that bridges research and practice through combining the best of both. PAR allows people to together tackle complex problems in their daily (work) life and move towards their ideal world. PAR processes empower communities of all layers of society, leading to unexpected, yet extraordinary effective results.

Only a few days left to subscribe for the PAR Practitioners Program!

Soon, the fifth edition of our PAR Practitioners Program starts and we are looking forward! Only a few places left and only a few days to subscribe… So if you are looking for a vibrant course in Participatory Action Research: come join us! Some quick facts: 

Start: June 21st
Duration: 5 weeks
Training days: Monday evening and Thursday
Location: Krachtfabriek, Houten
Optional: a 3-month internship of your choosing

"No research without action and no action without research"
Kurt Lewin

PAR projects

Through Participatory Action Research, SEVEN SENSES accelerates the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Each PAR project indicates to which SDG(s) it contributes.

Gezond Moerwijk en Laak

Een Participatief Actieonderzoek om de systeemwereld en de leefwereld te verbinden, zodat bewoners, verbinders en professionals samen een gezondere wijk kunnen creëren.

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Let's join forces!

Are you facing a complex issue in your community, involving multiple stakeholders? Hire us for a Participatory Action Research!

Or do you prefer to become a Participatory Action Researcher yourself? Join one of our trainings or book us for an in-company training!

Get our book

Want to know more? Read the book ‘Participatory Action Research – Working together for a better world‘, written by Madelon Eelderink, founder of SEVEN SENSES (in Dutch).