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Project details

Duration: 3 months
Country: Kenya
Coordinator: Anne Braakman
Partner organisation: Mukuru Talent Development

Sustainable Development Goals


Goede gezondheid en Welzijn

PAR Report

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Education & Talent Challenge

A PAR about continuity of education and talent development in the informal settlement of Lunga, Nairobi, Kenya.




Project team


In the informal settlement of Lunga, which is part of the greater informal settlement of Viwandani in the East-Industrial area of Nairobi, Kenya, youth have a lot of talent that cannot be used. Many children cannot go to secundary school after primary school. A local NGO, Mukuru Talent Development offers education, training and courses such as yoga, art, vocational training and education about safe sex. At this NGO, Lunga youngsters have the opportunity to develop their talent. However, there is no continuïty of this talent to be further developed or used.


PAR Design


To facilitate local stakeholders in the co-creation and implementation of an action plan to ensure continuity in education and talent development for youngsters in Lunga, Nairobi, Kenya.


One major result of the PAR was the need for mentorship after any form of education had finished. Acting upon this need, local stakeholders, among which MTD, developed a mentorship program for youngsters who, after finishing education, wished to further develop themselves. A festival was organized with local arts at the centre stage, to celebrate all that was already there, to connect and to further develop new actions.


Project images