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Regarding the Internship (Training & Internship Track)

The internship – putting your PAR into practice- is an intensive time where you work on the ground on a subject of your interest, in a setting of your interest. Here’s where you can put all that you have learned during the Training Track into practice! During the internship you will go through one PAR Cycle. Take into account that you will spend about 24 hours per week on your PAR. Typically, one PAR Cycle takes up three months, therefore the Internship takes three months to allow you to go through one PAR Cycle.

During this three-month Internship, you will receive seven two-weekly Guidance Sessions online. It is important that PPP participants start their internship around the same time, so that everybody can get the best out of the Guidance Sessions. The Guidance Sessions take place on Monday evenings from 19.00 to 21.00 o’clock, starting September 11th 2023, every two weeks, via Zoom. The Sessions are there to guide you during your internship. They are very useful as you exchange experiences, tips and feedback with your peers, guided by one of our experienced SevenSenses certified PAR Trainers.

Although a PAR Cycle usually takes three months, this may differ substantially per setting. If you finish a PAR Cycle sooner than in three months, you can start a new PAR Cycle in the same setting. If your PAR Cycle takes longer than three months, please don’t feel rushed by our PPP program. You can of course continue after the three-month internship period, it’s just that there will be no more PPP Guidance Sessions after those three months. If you wish to continue the Guidance Sessions, you can purchase extra sessions for €125,- per hour. If your peers also wish to purchase extra sessions, you can form a group and split costs (the price stays the same up to eight participants).

As early as possible, start arranging your internship placement so you can start your own PAR by september 2023. You can develop your own internship or -if available- join one of the SevenSenses internship placements. From the first week of the TT, we will discuss what suits you best and go through the different options. The PPP preconditions, competences and their indicators are shown and explained in the next chapter. Together we make sure you can acquire all of them!