Rhani Berest



Rhani Berest

Rhani successfully completed the very first edition of the PAR Practitioners Program and is now certified Participatory Action Researcher at SevenSenses. Together with Friederike Ertmer she conducted PAR at the project Elderly’s Joyful Life (Utrecht).



“The thing that makes me going is making the world a little bit more beautiful. Step by step with others. I have an interest in cultures; how people live together and make meaning to their lives. That shows in my passion for traveling and in my professional background.

During my studies Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies I learned how to do fieldwork and qualitative research. I am a realistic idealist that can turn ideas into actions. With the participatory action research I did in Utrecht Vleuten under eldery I saw what PAR can do. Create movement.

Next to SevenSenses I work as a teacher and coördinator for IMC Weekendschool Utrecht in Overvecht to tackle differences in chances in opportunities.”