Emmanuelle van Tuijn

Emmanuelle is certified Participatory Action Researcher at SevenSenses.

Emmanuelle is fascinated by humans and life itself with all its surprises. She is in her element when she can create a space through which mutual energizing connections can arise or light up. These can be connections between people in organizations or communities and between people and the environment. She loves seeing the unexpected possibilities that unfold when people really listen to each other and give each other space. Her natural interest in human has led her to action research.


“My ambition is to contribute to a life-sustaining and life-respecting society. For the wellbeing of earth, society and human beings. The various therapeutic methods that I have learned throughout my career come in handy during the action researches I do. Currently I am facilitating an action research for sustainability in Zeist, called Duurzaam Zeist. The aim is to discover what possibilities there are in Zeist society for more sustainable initiatives. I am also involved in guiding municipalities in their action researches on giving space to employees (in its broadest sense) in a project called Grip op Loslaten, together with AenO fonds Gemeenten and”.