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PAR training for SevenSenses Challenges 2015

Job opportunities @SevenSenses Academy

I know how hard it can be to find a job in the development sector. During and after my study International Public Health I wrote apply letter after apply letter, no success… There were too little jobs and way too many people applying for the same job, competition was tremendous! “You know what? I’ll start for myself!” Soon after, SevenSenses was born. Stubborn I was, yes, but I will never regret giving myself that opportunity. Now it is time to create more job opportunities, that fit with business models of this time and the future.

Budget cuts in development cooperation: disaster or room for new opportunities?

Due to the huge budget cuts of the government –and not only in the Netherlands– many experts and very skilled people lose their jobs in the development sector. At the same time successful development projects are being cancelled, or stopped halfway. This forces us to become creative.

Business is the new force behind development. The business world is changing rapidly. The old business system originating from the time of industrialization era does not work anymore (duh?!) yet many, many organizations still operate that way. Business experts are working overtime to help the big old fellas to adapt to the society of 2015 and the rest of this century. Working in temporary, multi-disciplinary teams is a new business concept that is growing extremely rapidly nowadays due to its success in effectiveness and creating job opportunities. When I heard about this, I knew this could mean drastic change to the development sector, in a very, very good way!

Get a job, create impact in the world with your expertise!

And so, with help from these business experts, the SevenSenses Action Research Academy is set up with this new concept. In 3 months, you will learn how to apply what you are good at, to then directly put your skills into practice in a multi-disciplinary team, overseas or nearby home. You will earn your investment of € 4500 back in 3 months time, guiding a SevenSenses Challenge. If you finish the Academy successfully, you can even decide to continue your work at SevenSenses with an increased income, with new teams you select yourself. Do what you love to do, do it where it is needed, create that awesome world!

So far I have guided five Challenge editions in the slums of Kampala, Uganda and I loved it. In 12 weeks, I guided highly motivated, intercultural teams in conducting Participatory Action Research (PAR) on several different subjects. The method proves time and time again it’s potential in creating sustainable impact in communities, giving people a voice, empowering them and providing the ownership that enables them to improve their own livelihoods! No telling people what they should do, but instead letting them create impact for themselves,  in a way that works for them, in their own socio-cultural context.

Take for example the ‘Street Angels Challenge’. Together with slum inhabitants our team found ways to connect them with ‘high class’ people to tackle neglect, a common struggle among slum inhabitants. They created several arts-interventions for the ‘Street Angels Slum Festival’ which became a great success, even attracting famous music artists of Uganda to play!

Or take the ‘Healthy Cooking Challenge’, which triggered a whole slum area to massively build small cooking shelters to tackle lung problems due to indoor cooking. Invented by the slum people, executed by the slum people, sustained by the slum people. Their investment: 1 Euro per household. They are even using the shelters  now to catch and purify water! Recently we won the Albert Schweizer Prize for this Challenge.

Build your career at the Action Research Academy

The Action Research Academy gives you the opportunity to create impact with PAR too: We train you in guiding a SevenSenses Challenge, on a subject you are interested in, wherever in the world! You will earn a living with it, give your Challenge participants knowledge and skills  ánd you let others enjoy the benefits and impact of your meaningful work!

We can only create these job opportunities when working together with you. There is space for 6 new careers! Invest in yourself and in your career by subscribing for the SevenSenses Action Research Academy!

Want to know more about Participatory Action Research? On our SevenSenses Foundation webpage you will find out what it is.

Of course there’s also always the phone, so don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions, on 06 39895095.

Hope to see you soon at the Webinar and the SevenSenses Action Research Academy!